Virtual Bladesmith Education


Drawing on 15 years of bladesmithing instruction and 23 years of bladesmithing, Nick breaks down the process of forging a full tang chef knife into easily digestible steps in this educational online video series. This debut video is intended for a seasoned beginner, but those who are new to forging or those with an academic interest in how a smith develops a forging process will find it equally valuable. This series assumes that you have a forge, anvil, tongs, a post vise, a drill press and a 2×72 belt sander. No power hammers or presses are required for this series. With the purchase of this video, you also get;

• 2 printed tracings of Nick’s exclusive 9 step forging process.
• Membership to a private Facebook group where tech support will be offered by Nick along with exclusive educational opportunities.
• Detailed breakdowns of each forging step and techniques that until now were only available via in-person workshops.

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