Workshops at New England School of Metalwork


As you may already know, Nick is a regular instructor at New England School of Metalwork (NESM) located in Auburn, Maine. NESM is a non-profit craft school specializing in some of the best blacksmithing and bladesmithing instruction in the country.

NESM has just announced its upcoming course list, and Nick is happy to be on it.

2019 Workshop Schedule

  • Beginner Bladesmithing, January 6-8
  • Basic Damascus, January 14-16
  • Chef’s Knife, January 28-31
  • EDC with Sheath, February 26-28
  • Chef’s Knife, March 23-25
  • Intermediate Bladesmithing, March 30 to April 3
  • Chopper, April 6-9
  • Fighter, June 16-19
  • Integral Chef’s Knife, July 29 to August 3
  • Laminated Wrought Chef’s Knife, September 1-4
  • Beginner Bladesmithing, September 14-16
  • Basic Damascus, October 27-29
  • Damascus Jewelry, November 10-12

If you are interested in attending one of Nick’s workshops, you can enroll on the NESM website

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